Ask me anything   My name is Clark i'm 18 i live in Bridgeport Ct (one of the most ignorant cities in america) i'm Haitian & Dominican. i'm into FOOTBALL (Jets fan) FASHION(menswear,preppy) POP CULTURE(tv politics wateva) WEED AND DRINKIN(witch i really do no poser shit) MUSIC(EVERYTHING but country) ART(no preference dope shit is dope shit) GIRLS( im a 18 year old boy -_- so of course their will be vagina on this blog im to friendly for my own good and lastly i have no idea what i will do with my life but till i do im BLOGGING BITCH !






    Black men never cease to disappoint me


    this is just so weird since her facial features aren’t like unconventional? she like literally looks like a prefect doll? I’m so confused these niggas need help. 

    I was actually going to call her gorgeous, so yeah.

    people should realize that this is not a black man but a black boy who is not mature enough to appreciate the fact that God created many different beautiful shades of black women. 

    This has nothing to do with anything you guys are bitching about it’s about the black mans right to preference and for some reason you guys keep throwing these African models at us like we are gonna go oh yeah I’m black she is black so we go together

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El outfit que que encanta ♥


    El outfit que que encanta ♥

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